The first collaboration in the history of Podere La Berta Craft Beer comes from the Netherlands and is born of the synergy with Nevel Artisan Ales, a brewery that for years has been working on a project that focuses on experimentation with wild yeasts and casks. The idea of creating a “beer for four-hands” came about serendipitously during time spent at the Villaggio della Birra, giving rise to Macchia Farmhouse Ale.

Macchia sprouts from the splendid Tuscan landscapes that inspired us for the use of three ingredients in what we can define as a Tuscan “gruit” – a blend of herbs traditionally used to aromatize beer: juniper, cypress, and olive leaves.

The base is that of a farmhouse brew with wheat, with an amber hue (evocative of the more fashionable orange wines) and with a delicate white head and very fine perlage.

Both the nose and the mouth are awash with acid notes (thanks to the Nevel yeast culture) and winey (the result of having spent 6 months in Chardonnay casks) and by the herbaceous bitter, but unusual, obtained precisely from the extraction of the green parts of the plants typical of the Tuscan brush. The dry finish, due to the almost complete reduction of the sugars, makes it extremely refreshing and “sessionable” (low in alcohol content).

Macchia will be launched during Beer Attraction 2020: you will find it at our stand (Pav. C3 – Stand 034) from 15 to 18 February at the Fiera di Rimini