Romagna DOC Pagadebit



This is the wine that most fully embodies the rural identity of Romagna and brings us back into the past. The farming families grew Bombino Bianco, knowing they could count on its hardiness, and used the wine sales to pay off their debts. That is the reason behind the Pagadebit DOC.

general characteristics

Appellation: Romagna DOC Pagadebit.
Grape variety: 100% Bombino Bianco.
Vineyard density: 4.300 vines per hectare.
Harvest: hand harvested.


Fermentation and 5-6 month maturation in steel, followed by at least one month of bottle-ageing.

sensory profile

Appearance: pale straw yellow.
Bouquet: intense, refined, and long-lingering, with pronounced notes of sweet almond, acacia blossom, elderflower, and wisteria.
Palate: smooth and well balanced, with tangy flavours and a fine acidity, and a lengthy finish.


The arbutus, classic to the Mediterranean scrubland, is found in sandy, silica-rich acidic soils and cool exposures. Its luscious, succulent fruit, ripening between October and December, is orange-red in appearance, with sweet, yellow pulp, tart and tangy at the end.
Our Pagadebit wine is inspired by the arbutus, an evergreen tree that can easily cope with challenging conditions, just like the Bombino Bianco grape.



Vintage 2014
Robert Parker: 88