Romagna DOC Trebbiano



100% Trebbiano, from a south-facing vineyard at elevations between 180-200 metres.

general characteristics

Appellation: Romagna DOC Trebbiano.
Grape variety: 100% Trebbiano.
Vineyard density: 2.500 vines per hectare.
Harvest: hand harvested.


Fermentation and 5-6 month maturation in steel, followed by at least one month of bottle-ageing.

sensory profile

Appearance: fairly pronounced straw yellow with greenish reflections. 
Bouquet: it immediately releases intense, multi-layered notes of wild flowers, and crisp apple and pear.
Palate: crisp, tangy, and vibrant in the mouth, with a superb acidity and minerality. Enfolding, full-volumed mouthfeel, concluding with s smooth finish with a touch of almond, classic to this grape variety.


Sorb apple
The sorb apple or serviceberry is a very hardy, long-lived tree, surviving as long as 400 years, and it requires generous sunlight.
The trebbiano grape was the first grape to be planted on our estate, and we thus wanted to celebrate it with a tree that can be the custodian of a long history.