Romagna DOC Sangiovese



A crisp, fruit-rich Sangiovese, ideal for everyday meals.

general characteristics

Appellation: Romagna DOC Sangiovese.
Grape variety: 100% Sangiovese.
Vineyard density: 4000 vines per hectare (10 years old vineyards).
Harvest: hand harvested.


Fermentation in steel and bottle-ageing for a minimum of 3 months.

sensory profile

Appearance: vibrant ruby red.
Bouquet: fresh-picked cherry and red berry, sweetbriar and dried plum.
Palate: crisp and well balanced.


The quince was once the mainstay of the small farm economy. Grandmothers’ preserves were a fixture on sideboards, quince marmalades gladdened holiday afternoons, and no meal table was without them to perfume the room.
The quince has tart flesh and a significant tannin content; when cooked, it is utterly delicious. La Berta is its home. And the rustic sangiovese grape, with its fine balance of wild berryfruit, acidity, and supple tannins, embodies Romagna’s agricultural traditions.