Romagna DOCG Albana Secco



Albana is Romagna’s most iconic grape variety, with a strong character and pronounced tannins; it was the first white wine in Italy to win DOCG status.

general characteristics

Appellation: Romagna DOC Albana Secco.
Grape variety: 100% Albana.
Vineyard density: 4.300 vines per hectare.
Harvest: hand harvested.


Fermentation and 5-6 month maturation in steel, followed by at least one month of bottle-ageing.

sensory profile

Appearance: straw yellow with gold highlights.

Bouquet: an intense, superb bouquet, displaying generous volume and multi-layered fragrances, with lovely notes of honey and tropical fruit, such as banana, mango, and pineapple, flanked by ripe pear.

Palate: a crisp acidity and good tannins, superb balance, concluding with a long- lingering finish with just a touch of sweetness, that offers hazelnut and vanilla and the desire for another glass.


The azerole tree was once known in Romagna as the “royal apple.” In the winter, it develops a dense mass of intensely-white, very fragrant blossoms, and in late summer and early autumn it is full of scarlet-red fruit with flesh that is sweet, full-flavoured, and tangy. Romagna’s oldest azerole grows near our hill, and more precisely at the Torre di Oriolo. The albana grape appears aquamarine and conjures up fragrances that remind us, all year round, of summer and it pays tribute to this fruit.



Vintage 2014
Robert Parker: 90