The vineyards that blanket the gently sloping hills of the Siena countryside, also hide micro-breweries. Three of these have become a band of brother that collaborate, help each other and have fun together. While sharing their workload, the idea came to them for a beer to start the day off right, one that you could drink even during the morning, when you open the brewery door as dawn is breaking. This is why we worked on the hybridization of a light and refreshing beer like Berliner Weisse, with the most morning-like element of Italian culture, which is undoubtedly coffee.

The result is a pale beer with a very low alcohol content, just 3.6 degrees, with a white head and delicate carbonization. At first the nose senses the powerful notes of coffee prepared with the gigantic moka coffee post of the Birrificio la Diana and a blend of arabica selected together with friends, the Chianti Brew Fighters and obviously, Podere La Berta Craft Beer! The flavor reveals the acid freshness given by the lactic bacteria used to create the typical must of the Berliner Weisse, expertly balanced by the roasted notes of the coffee, however without them prevailing over the final harmonious balance. A beer that, in its simplicity, breaks down the wall of tradition and perfectly describes the free and easy air that one breathes behind the scenes of the austere Chianti territory that we all know so well.