At Podere La Berta, our desire is to share the spirit of the Romagna lifestyle.



In Brisighella, on a hill that rises amidst erosion furrows, vineyards, olive groves, and overlooks the sea, there is a small wine cellar that believes in craftsmanship, authenticity, and the force of nature.

Here at Podere La Berta we have always loved this land for its personality and for the desire of those who inhabit it to reclaim time to be dedicated to beauty, and to the values of yesterday that are handed down from one generation to the next.

In 2009 the Poggiali family took over a project that began back in the 1970s and started up an unconditional recovery process, promoting the vocation of the territory with entrepreneurship, experience, vision, constancy, sensitivity, and great attention to quality.

The three brothers – Giovanni, Nicolò and Domenico – are committed to making Podere La Berta a new cultural project to promote the very essence of Romagna and project it into the future.



From the hills of the Tuscan-Romagna Appenines, Podere La Berta overlooks the Lamone Valley, the old road to Florence between Faenza and Brisighella.

Our wine cellar is situated precisely on the hills of Brisighella, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. A magical place nestled amidst three hills that characterize the landscape, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, erosion furrows, forgotten fruit orchards, Moretto artichoke fields, and woods that bear truffles…

We sustain our territory, where flavorful produce and ingredients thrive; where old trades and new ideas can both flourish, with everything made by hand.



Twenty-two hectares of rich clayey terrain that still bear the signs of human presence and bestow upon the wine its own peculiar character, instilling the breath of nature in the rich red and gilded white of the grape clusters.

To remain faithful to the identity of the territory, we only cultivate autochthonous varieties: most of our efforts are concentrated on Sangiovese, as our family tradition dictates, but we also cultivate Albana, Trebbiano, Pagadebit.

Our wines are the fruit of extreme purity and essentiality, starting with the vine and reaching the bottle with no compromises made along the way: our production is limited, a sort of ode to the territory itself.



The Italian region of Romagna is a land of strong rural traditions, with a rich heritage of flavours, know-how, customs, rituals, techniques, skills, and timeless approaches to beauty and good living. Podere La Berta advocates a return to this rural culture, bringing it to the forefront, communicating it, translating it and promoting it for today’s world.

The symbols that we have chosen to represent Podere La Berta evoke precisely this collective imaginary, beginning with the Caveja in our logo. The Caveja is a pin in forged iron of Celtic origins that was used on a four-wheeled wagon to block the yokes in case of sudden jerks or steep downhill stretches of road. Made entirely by master craftsmen, each piece was unique and decorated with rings that rang with each movement the oxen made, sounding a different tone for each family. 

Our wine labels are instead dedicated to other great protagonists of Romagna folk culture, the forgotten fruits, ancient plants that at the beginning of the past century could be found near the farmhouses of Romagna or along the boundaries of the fields, or even holding up the vines. Until the end of World War II they enabled the farmers to integrate their meals and were considered powerful medicinal remedies, often mentioned in fables, adages, and recipes. Arbutus, sorb, azerole, quince, apricot, pomegranate, cornelian cherry, and European pear are only some of these ancient treasures, spontaneous and traditional, that come back to life on our labels: each fruit is illustrated in a pencil drawing, like a botanical sketch, accompanied by a color that enhances its story within our world.