• The slow life in the countryside

  • Faenza

  • Brisighella

Our winery is located in the hills of Brisighella, in Emilia-Romagna region, above Faenza, along the Valle del Lamone, which leads up into the Apennines.

Just a few kilometres from the Via Emilia lies one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, Brisighella.

This is a truly magical spot, dominated by three hills that compose a unique landscape of olive groves, vineyards, eroded clay calanchi, old fruit orchards, Moretto artichoke fields, and woods that yield precious truffles.

This piece of land, proudly within the province of Ravenna and the incredible cultural and artistic wealth that makes it a UNESCO World Heritage Site, flourishes with artisanal crafts, hidden-away workshops, and modest but impressive activities, expertise, and initiatives all with a confident eye on the future.