Grappa obtained from steam distillation of 100% Sangiovese grape pomace from Podere la Berta. Sangiovese di Romagna grapes selected from the hills around Brisighella, altitude between 200 and 220 meters above sea level, on south facing vineyards, positioned in the highest part of the estate.

100% Sangiovese.

The aromas contained in the fresh grape pomace obtained through the soft pressing and winemaking are extracted through the physical process of distillation. The Podere la Berta grappa is produced and distilled by Alessandro Comar, son of the Grand Master distiller Flavio Comar, in 300 Kg Copper Alembic stills built in 1938, working on a discontinuous cycle. Aging takes place in steel tanks for 6 months, and the final alcohol content is 40% Vol.

Crystal clear colour. On the nose, alcohol with hints of summer berries, strawberry, medlar and moss. On the palate, pleasant and elegant, well-balanced and smooth with final notes that are reminiscent of licorice. An empty glass presents pleasant hints of dried fruit: figs, dates, candied fruit, raisins and chestnuts.