Romagna Albana Passito Docg

Pure gold in appearance and precious as a gem. Made from the native Albana grape, this wine is utter pleasure for those who prize passito wines and for fine-food lovers who like pairing them with aged and blue cheeses.

Romagna DOCG Albana Passito.
100% Albana.
By hand.

After the clusters are hand-picked, they are carefully laid in the drying loft to naturally dry. They are then pressed, and the must goes to small wood casks, in which it remains to ferment and age over a period of at least 60 months. Then the final passito blend is assembled and bottled, and the wine is given a further 6 months’ ageing.

Appearance: Gold yellow, tending to amber.
Bouquet: Ripe tropical fruit, honey, and mixed dried fruit and nuts.
Palate: Velvet-smooth, pleasantly warm, and with a very lengthy finish.

PERA COCOMERINA (cocomerina pear)
With its red flesh that reminds one of a ripe watermelon, the cocomerina pear is small, sweet, and juicy, with a captivating aroma. Grown in very limited quantities, it has recently become a Slow Food Presidio, thanks to its unique sensory qualities.
The amber-hued albana passito, likewise made in very limited quantities, celebrates the variety’s unique, concentrated flavours.
Vintage 2009:
certificato di eccellenza Merano Wine Awards 2016.